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Product Code: RE185

Select Your Frequencies

Do You Currently Have Frequencies?:
No: Any frequencies will be fine.
Yes: I will email frequencies (WITH private line codes) & order # to support@racingelectronics.com.
Select Your Headset

Headset Options*:
RT006: Platinum Racer Headset
RT006-DELUXE: Deluxe Headset [Add $139.95]
RT006-2-DELUXE: Deluxe Dual Radio [Add $159.95]
QT-3: Platinum Quiet Talk [Add $209.95]
Select Your Car Harness

Car Harness Options*:
RE4302: Legacy, 3-Conductor
RT4302: RaceTRAC, 3-Conductor [Add $69.95]
RT4312: RaceTRAC, 4-Conductor [Add $69.95]
Select Your Helmet Kit

Helmet Kit Options*:
RE705: Legacy, 3-Conductor, Std Mic
RT705: RaceTRAC, 3-Conductor, Std Mic [Add $34.95]
RT715: RaceTRAC, 4-Conductor, Std Mic [Add $34.95]
RT705-C: RaceTRAC, 3-Cond, Std, Coiled [Add $39.95]
RT715-C: RaceTRAC, 4-Cond, Std, Coiled [Add $39.95]
RT605: RaceTRAC, 3-Conductor, N/C Mic [Add $59.95]
RT615: RaceTRAC, 4-Conductor, N/C Mic [Add $59.95]
RT605-C: RaceTRAC, 3-Cond, N/C, Coiled [Add $64.95]
RT615-C: RaceTRAC, 4-Cond, N/C, Coiled [Add $64.95]
Select Your Push-To-Talk Switch

Push-To-Talk Options*:
RE703: Platinum
RT403: RaceTRAC, Hole Mount [Add $29.95]
RT603: David Clark [Add $79.95]
RT403-PRO: RaceTRAC, Low Profile [Add $39.95]
Select Your Antenna Kit

Antenna Kit Options*:
RE511-U: Economy Model, Metal Roof Use
RT711-U: RaceTRAC, Fiberglass Roof Use [Add $29.95]
RT511-U-HQ-9: RaceTRAC, Metal Roof Use [Add $39.95]
RT311-U: RaceTRAC, Metal Roof Use [Add $59.95]
Select Your Ear Molds

Ear Mold Options*:
RE1: Standard Foam (One Size Fits All)
RE2: Semi-Custom (One Size Fits Most)
RE3: Custom (*IMPRESSIONS REQUIRED*) [Add $54.95]
RE4: Custom (*IMPRESSIONS REQUIRED*) [Add $54.95]
Ear Impressions

Did You Select Custom Ear Molds?:
Yes: RE has my impressions on file.
Yes: I will ship my impressions to RE with my order #.
Yes: I will visit RE in Concord, NC for impressions.
Select Your Radio Mounting Box

Radio Mounting Box Options*:
RB-3: Durable Neoprene
RB-4: Sturdy Aluminum, 1.75" Tube Mount

The Chase System comes complete, ready to go and includes everything needed for the car, crew chief, and driver.

Kit includes two Motorola portable two-way radios, push to talk switch, car harness, radio mounting box, roof mount antenna with radio adapter, 2-way headset, headset cable, race belt, radio case, helmet kit, and driver ear pieces.

This kit features the Motorola CP185 portable two-way radio and rapid charger. This radio has an extensive feature set including 5 programmable buttons and X-Pand Technology to provide crisp, clear and strong audio quality even in noisy environments. Combined with the compact, lightweight design of the CP185, you get just what it takes to enhance communication while increasing productivity.

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